Golf Club Groove Cleaning Brush

Price: 6.47 GBP
Dual Sided Nylon & Steel Brush For Cleaning Club Face & Grooves. Includes Steel Spike for Stubborn dirt in Grooves and on Shoes. Carabiner Clip and Lanyard For Handy Access on Golf Bag. Clogged Grooves = Reduced Spin = Poor Shot Performance! You should be cleaning your irons after every shot! Looking for a quality brush? BlueFirePro's top of the range club head groove cleaning brush will smash through the toughest of dirt and grime to keep your grooves completely clean throughout your round, allowing you to maintain peak shot performance again and again. The combination brush head means you have softer nylon bristles, so you get maximum cleaning, but don't scratch your woods and also has tough steel bristles to deal with the usually much tougher dirt you get on your irons. If you have really stubborn dirt, there is a steel pick that can be used to scrape out individual grooves. The retractable lanyard cord system is very handy and allows you to clean your clubs standing upright, as it has a 2ft reach - No more crouching over your bag, or battling with a brush fixed to a static point on the side of your bag. This dual purpose brush can also be used for cleaning your golf shoes. The carabiner clip is very handy and allows you to clip it easily anywhere on your golf bag or buggy. The brush comes in many stylish colours and is manufactured from hard nylon/plastic with a soft rubber handle inlay, which feels great to hold. It's the best brush you'll ever use by far! Backed By Our 100% Money Back Guarantee! We are positive you'll absolutely love this product. If you do - Please rate us and leave your feedback. If not, please let us know you want to return it and we'll refund your money is immediately!