Inspirational Walking Safaris

Primal Pathways leads unique walking trails in Africa’s most remote and untouched wilderness area, the Luangwa Valley, Zambia. We gather small groups with the specific intent of slowing down, from the pace of the modern lifestyle, to come face to face with the rhythms of the African wilderness.

All that exists here is life. Shade comes from trees and water from rivers; every dwelling for every creature is natural, be it a cavity in a tree or a burrow in the ground. The sun rises and it falls and life responds accordingly. Linked by the elements and the resources which they share, the community of life here is inseparable, not only from the place and each other, but from the state of existence which we call the wild.

Whether following the subtle trail left by a predator or hiding downwind in silent observation of a herd of elephants, our goal is to share the environment with these creatures, a moment in their wild and inspiring lives, without disturbing their natural ways.

Wildness is a quality that is difficult to portray in words; it is so tangible yet so elusive to define.  These creatures, wild, and with no need for human beings, play out their lives in response to the elements through which we walk. Nothing around us treats us as separate from this elusive quality that we seek inside.

We undertake our exploration of the wild on foot. Where we go there are no roads. We follow animal paths, stepping in the footprints of elephants and lions. With patience, a series of signs becomes a trail, crisscrossed by a great diversity of life.

The wilderness is a way of being and belonging that humans have become unfamiliar with. The focus of our trails is to bring us closer to the experience of the animals and reveal a world greater than ourselves.

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North Luangwa National Park

The Luangwa Valley in Zambia is arguably the most remote and unspoilt pieces of wilderness left in Africa. Deep within this valley, in her most distant reaches, North Luangwa National Park stands unrivalled as a place of seclusion and solitude.

This remote sanctuary is a forgotten world. For those seeking new inspiration and greater perspective, nowhere is nature's spirit and intelligence more unhindered and tangible.

On foot in the wilderness, animals respond to us as an apex predator, with a tendency to flee from us. We move about, looking for opportunities to pick up tracks or spot animals that, with their hyper alert senses, have not detected us.

So we use all of our senses and intimate knowledge of the wilderness to locate animals and then, when the wind, setting and scenario allows, we employ our utmost sensitivity and self-awareness in order to get close to the animal in a safe manner. Each encounter is a pure and primal experience and a true privilege.

These encounters do not happen everyday with the large predators, but we are extremely fortunate to be in such a rich, remote and secluded wilderness.

To return from a morning out on foot, in one of the most remote and secluded wildernesses in Africa, having gotten to within thirty metres of a pride of lions, two different leopards and a pack of eight wild dogs, is the walk of a lifetime!

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