Big 5 African Safari and Golf Safari Experts!

Big 5 Africa Safaris is all about matching dreams with adventures of the soul!  We pride ourselves in the partnerships we have forged with Africa's best safari, golf travel and walking safari companies when it comes to making your bucket list dreams come true.

Born from a deep passion for Africa and an insatiable desire for everything the 'Ancient Game' of golf brings, there is nothing closer to our hearts than combining the finest Big 5 Safari experiences with lifechanging games of golf on some of the world's ultimate golf courses.  Live in the lap of luxury at The Fancourt Estate, while playing South Africa's number one golf course - The Links at Fancourt, plus rounds on the other two absolutely breathtaking courses at Fancourt - The Outeniqua and Montegue.  We also offer premier golfing experiences throughout South Africa at the following championship venues:  Oubaai, Pinnacle Point, Erenvale, Pearl Valley, Arabella, Royal Cape, De Zalza, Leopard Creek and many more!

Experience the culture, sights and sounds of Cape Town, before heading up north to the wild African bush, where you'll be immersed into a world of primal wilderness, home to the African Elephant, The Cape Buffalo, The beautiful Leopard, The King of The Planes - The Lion and last but definitely not least The Majestic and Powerful, Rhino!

Take your safari experiences to the next level - Track the Big 5 ON FOOT!

Once you've been, Africa never leaves you!  You'll be planning your next trip before you unwillingly reach the airport for the trip home.

Let us design the perfect African Odysey for you - Sizobonana maduze (Zulu: See You Soon!)

Probably THE most beautiful big cat!

Beautiful South Africa

The Diverse and Awesome Land of South Africa Captured in a Few Minutes. Breathtaking!

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